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Seniors L.E.A.D. Intergenerational Program

At LEAD, we believe in unity and the strength of intergenerational connections and relationships. Our Seniors L.E.A.D. Intergenerational Program is a testament to this belief, as it seeks to support seniors through various activities that address vital issues, such as elder abuse prevention, inclusivity, and reducing the scourge of loneliness.


Our program is thoughtfully designed to promote healthy collaboration between the younger generation and seniors, fostering an environment of shared learning and growth.

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Inspired by Seniors, Driven by Seniors


The heart of the Seniors LEAD Intergenerational Program lies in the needs and aspirations of our beloved seniors. They are not just passive beneficiaries but active participants in the planning and executing activities. Their voices drive the leadership and teamwork behind the project, ensuring that their unique perspectives and experiences are at the forefront. 


Youth volunteers play a pivotal role in our program, offering technical support, guidance on navigating the world of social media, companionship, and fostering healthy, interactive communication. They help create an environment where both young and old can share, learn, and grow together. 


Diversity & Inclusion in Action


Our program is not just about discussing important issues; it’s about putting ideas into practice. We celebrate diversity and promote inclusion by facilitating intergenerational mentoring and engagement. 


Educational Empowerment


One of the cornerstones of our program is educational empowerment. So far, we have conducted sessions that empower seniors with knowledge on essential topics, such as medication management, technology, fraud, and scam awareness. We want our seniors to be informed, confident, and safe daily.


Exploring our Community Together


We firmly believe that learning doesn’t stop with a lecture; it extends to experiences. That’s why we organize fun trips to places like the Toronto Harbourfront and St. Lawrence Market. These outings foster camaraderie and unforgettable memories.

Stay Updated


If you want to catch up on our past adventures and stay informed about our program’s activities, please refer to our past newsletters on our website. You’ll get a glimpse of the incredible journey we’ve embarked upon together.


Contact Us


Please reach out if you’re interested in participating in this inspiring program. You can contact Sola at or fill out our Contact form. We look forward to welcoming you into our intergenerational family and creating a brighter, more inclusive future.

Our Quarterly Newsletters

Our newsletters help us capture the memories and learnings from the past 3 months.

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