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LinkedIn Empowerment Program

Do you have LinkedIn? Great, now what?


This July, we’re hosting a 2-week LinkedIn boot camp that will equip youth and adults with the essential skills to feel empowered about using LinkedIn to enhance their career development. 


The program will focus primarily on 3 key areas necessary to develop your career using LinkedIn: 

  • Profile optimization

  • Networking strategies

  • Content creation

This series will take place in a supportive group learning environment where participants will discover that using LinkedIn can be simple to use and enjoyable. 

Participants will learn practical skills to strengthen their online presence, leverage LinkedIn effectively to build their personal brands, secure meaningful employment, and establish authentic professional networks.

Dates: July 8 and 15
Time: 6-7:30 pm
Location: on Zoom (registration is required)
Ages: 15-29


By the end of the LinkedIn Empowerment Program, participants can expect the following outcomes:

a) Enhanced LinkedIn profiles: Participants will have the skills to effectively optimize and polish their LinkedIn profiles to showcase their skills, experiences, and aspirations.

b) Improved networking skills and expanded professional networks: Participants will develop the skills and confidence to cultivate authentic connections with professionals in their fields of interest, enabling them to tap into hidden job opportunities, gain valuable industry insights, and establish meaningful relationships online or in-person to support their career growth.

c) Confidence in creating content: participants will feel more confident about creating content that helps them stand out on LinkedIn 

d) Strengthened career direction and confidence: Participants will gain clarity and confidence and focus on their career paths. They will be equipped with practical LinkedIn strategies to market themselves. 

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