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The LEAD Organizational Values


We embrace people of all backgrounds and communities in our work. We focus on what we share in common; draw on the strength of diverse perspectives, and include multi-disciplinary approaches in our culturally inclusive and safe programs


We listen to the people we serve, our partners and our stakeholders. We consider their collective intelligence an asset that helps us to do better. Our programs are responsive by design, with modular structures that enable flexibility to adjust.


We care first. We notice, feel and respond to needs quickly and with culturally appropriate support. We manage all relationships with the intention of letter everyone knows they are always valued.


We work as a team. We foster co-creative relationships where responsibility and accountability for outcomes and solutions are shared. We build capacity through partnership; and work as equal partners with beneficiaries, volunteers, institutions and individual stakeholders alike.


We embed volunteerism and community service in all aspects of our work, from governance to programming. We recognize it, measure it and reward it.

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